A Practical Guide for Location Audio
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“This book covers such a wide variety of productions, it's extremely useful."
–Joe Carini, Owner/DP/Director, Bear Arms Hawaii

Full Color, 178 pages, 8"x10" trim
Detailed Coverage for Film and Video Production Audio

"As a videographer, (learning) sound is more important than video"
- Gene Kois, Producer, Videographer

"4 Stars.  This is a good book to use as a reference for people trying to break into the Movie Audio business."
-  M. Kaplan - Amazon 3/2010

"What I love about your book is that it is really a field guide that is nuts and bolts and not just aesthetics..."
- G. Atkins, Recordist, Moana Productions

"I have read the book 4 times from cover to cover.  I wish there was a book like this when I started!"
- L. Maddox, ABC News soundman, Musician

"(I) just got your book yesterday and read it last night.
I enjoyed the reading. It taught me the side of sound I never knew about........... The Big Bucks Side!
I give it 5 Chee Hooos.
- M. Goodknecht, Sound Engineer

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